Environmental Responsibility
Environmental Responsibility - R.C.C. Nullah bund across seasonal nullah
The Company is among the pioneers to achieve the ISO 14001 Certification, reaffirming its deep rooted commitment to proactive policies for conservation and protection of the environment. The innovative steps taken by the Company for afforestation and soil conservation have exceeded all statutory stipulations and have become a benchmark for others.

The company has taken proactive measures for rehabilitation of abandoned mining areas and has undertaken massive tree plantation programmes in its mining areas. Protective 'bunds' have been erected to prevent water pollution. Innovative techniques like "Coco-Erosion Control Blanket" and "Coco-Filters" have been implemented to control the erosion of mining waste and prevent air bound dust. Workshops and seminars to promote environmental awareness are regularly conducted.

"We shall strive to achieve excellence in mining with equal commitment towards pro-active continual improvement in environmental conservation and compliance with statutory stipulations."

  • Achieve continual reduced consumption of power, fuel & stationery through their judicious use and improved technology
  • Comply with all relevant environmental laws & regulations
  • Provide training to all employees to develop their environmental awareness
  • Continually increase afforestation activities in and around mining and allied activities
  • Continue efforts in effectively managing waste disposal of mining and shipping operations
  • Recognise the concern of any interested party regarding the impact of mining operations on the environment by taking appropriate
  • Increase dust suppression measures for iron ore

Environmental Responsibility

The company has been awarded ISO-14001: 2004 EMS Certificate for successful implementation of the Environmental Management System.

First EMS certificate awarded in July 2001.