V.M. Salgaocar - Geological SurveyThe process of locating mineral deposits begins with a team of experienced geologists and surveyors conducting surveys in specific areas.  Depending upon the potential, the areas are further prospected by geological mapping and sampling.  These are thoroughly explored by core drilling to establish the extent of mineralization, subsurface persistence and depth of economical mining.  Each one-meter run of the core is analyzed for the requisite constituents to develop a computerized geological model of the ore body.  This forms the primary basis for resource mobilization, mine planning and to conceive project proposals for processing and upgradation.  

The company has introduced several innovative ideas and techniques in mining.  Our mining operations are constantly upgraded with the best and latest state-of-the-art technology.

V.M. Salgaocar - MiningV.M. Salgaocar & Bro. Pvt. Ltd. employs the open pit method in all mechanized mining operations. Benches, about five to seven meters high, are designed across and along the strike of the ore body for better quality control. Eco friendly ripper dozers are preferred to conventional drilling and blasting for stripping of overburden/waste rock. The stripped waste rock is loaded into heavy dumpers/tipper trucks by hydraulic excavators and disposed off into the waste dumps. After the waste capping is removed, the powdery ore is exposed. The loose run-of-the-mine ore is loaded into a fleet of trucks for transport by road to the processing and beneficiation plants for sizing and quality upgrading.

Over 10,000,000 tonnes of material is handled at the mines every year in the process of iron ore extraction, to meet our export commitments.