V.M. Salgaocar - The Mechanical Ore Handling Plant (MOHP) The Mechanical Ore Handling Plant (MOHP) at Berth No. 9 of Mormugao Port can load vessels up to Length Over All (LOA) of 305 meters with a permissible draft of 14.0 meters. Transfer vessels load the balance quantity mid-stream.

The MOHP has ship loading capacity of 8000 tons per hour. It has 8 Barge Unloaders, one Continuous Barge Unloader (CBU) and three Stackers with a rated capacity of 2000 TPH, which stockpile the cargo into the stack yard through a conveyer system connected to the Barge Unloaders. A large plot is allotted to V.M. Salgaocar & Bro. Pvt.Ltd. at the MOHP to stockpile iron ore. The stockyard can accommodate up to one million tons of iron ore. Two Bucket Reclaimers reclaim the stocked iron ore, each with a capacity of 4000 tons per hour. Two Ship Loaders, with a rated capacity of 4000 TPH each, discharge the cargo into the vessels docked alongside Berth No. 9. The average loading rate achieved at MOHP Berth No. 9 is 45,000 tons per day.