V.M. Salgaocar - River Transport

A novel scheme, introduced by our Founder Chairman Mr. V.M.Salgaocar, provided trucks to local villagers with nominal initial deposit under hire purchase scheme. The scheme has increased their participation and brought new dynamics to mining industry since the seventies. Others have followed suit changing for better the road transport sector in Goan iron ore mining. It has also boosted direct and indirect employment potential.

The Mandovi River is the main artery for the transport of ore, along its 24 nautical miles from the Vagus Loading Point down to the Mormugao Port.

A new ore loading facility at Amona will expand the capacity by another 25,000 tons per day. A fleet of 10 barges, with a total capacity of 22,200 tons, handles the movement of iron ore from the loading point to the Mormugao Port. Barges are hired as and when required to ferry the additional tonnages.