V.M. Salgaocar - Transhipping

Panamax size Vessels are fully loaded at Berth No. 9 of Mormugao Port Trust at the rate of around 45,000 tons per day.

Large Cape-sized Vessels are also loaded at Berth No. 9 of the Mormugao Port Trust up to a draft of 14.0 metres and are topped up by utilizing Transhippers.

V.M Salgaocar - M.V.Goan Pride

This is a state-of-the-art, modern Cape-size Transhipper Vessel with a storage capacity of Over 100,000 Tons and a load rate capacity of 4500 Tons/Hr. The annual handling capacity is estimated at 5.0 Million Tons. It is capable of loading Vessel up to 300,000 DWT. The vessel (Jointly owned with M/s V.S. Dempo & Co. Pvt. Ltd.) meets all International standards for ship-to-ship transfer, environment and safety.