V.M.Salgaocar Hospitality & Tourism

V.M.Salgaocar - Community Welfare The V.M. Salgaocar Group fulfills its corporate responsibility in a special way in the villages surrounding the mines. Schools, Temples and Churches have been built and renovated over the years whenever the need was felt. Sports & cultural activities have been promoted with generous monetary contributions.

For the last three years the company has distributed school uniforms and notebooks to over 3500 students of schools in the mining areas of Surla, Velguem, Pale-Kothambi, Cudnem, Mollem, Collem, Sacorda, Malpan, Nhaveli and Amona.

V. M. Salgaocar - Community WelfareRecently, the company has donated land in addition to financial assistance towards the construction of the Ajoba Temple at Honda.

The Wild Life Week has been celebrated over the years at the Surla Office with the involvement of schools from the mining areas. Drawing and Elocution competitions with Wild Life themes were conducted and Encylopedias & Bio-diversity Kits distributed to schools.

A Community Medical Centre has been opened at Velguem to provide medical facilities to the villagers from Velguem, Surla and Pale. The Centre is financed by the company and free medicines provided.