Vasudev M.Salgaocar - Founder Chairman -  V.M.Salgaocar Group of Companies
The V. M. Salgaocar group was founded by late Mr. Vassudev M. Salgaocar.

After the demise of the Founder Chairman in 1984, the group has been led by his two sons, Mr. Shivanand V. Salgaocar, Managing Director & Mr. Dattaraj V. Salgaocar, Managing Director.

V. M. Salgaocar & Bro. Pvt. Ltd. (VMSB)
, The flagship company, is a leader in the Iron Ore trade in Goa and on the West Coast of India. The Company exported its first consignment of 16,500 tonnes of iron ore to Nippon Steel Corporation (NSC) in 1952. Never looking back since then, it has been a competitive and reliable supplier of processed iron ore to NSC and POSCO, which are amongst the world's largest steel makers, besides other steel mills in China, Romania and the Middle East.

V.M.Salgaocar MinesThe enormous task of mining operations calls for military precision in planning the logistics. The company has planned, integrated approach to the business process that encompasses surveying, extracting, processing, transporting by trucks and barges, transshipping and handling at Berth No 9 at the Mormugao Port. Be it the extraction of ore at the mines or the value adding process at the Dry Screening Plants and the Beneficiation Plant or the transportation by trucks on the roads and by barges in the rivers, each activity is efficiently carried out with regular deployment, allocation and maintenance of machinery and equipment.

The Company has its own mining leases in Goa. Since its inception, VMSB has continuously updated itself with the latest developments in technology to become a fully integrated iron ore company. It has invested in heavy earth moving excavators, trucks, dumpers, generators, screening and beneficiation plants, Ore loading facilities and barges. VMSB owns and operates its own transfer vessel at Mormugao Port and has commissioned in 2006 a state-of-the-art transshipper, in a joint venture with another Goan company, at Panaji Port.

The present iron ore exports of the Group are over 4 million tonnes per annum which can be augmented to over 5 million tonnes to meet additional demand. It has the resources and technology to undertake further expansion in Goa and other states to meet the growing needs of the world's iron and steel industry.

The company is deeply committed to preserving the environment not only in the mining operations but also by exploring renewable sources of energy. It has installed Wind Energy Generators in Maharashtra and Karnataka.

All operations at the mines, processing units, transportation and transshipping as well as the group headquarters are covered under ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certifications. The company has been the recipient of CAPEXIL Awards for excellence in exports of iron ore for over a decade. It has also received the Trading House Certificate of Recognition from the Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), Ministry of Commerce, Govt. of India and a Special Recognition Certificate by Nippon Steel Corporation for Quality and Reliability of supply of iron ore. The mines at Velguem/Surla had received the Subh Karan Sarawagi Environment Award from the Federation of Indian Mineral Industries.

Other Companies of the Group
V.M.S. IspatV.M.S.Ispat As part of the diversification and expansion plan, the VMS group has established a 0.5 MT state-of-the- art Steel Plant in KIADB, Belur, Dharwad, Karnataka. It is a coal based DRI-Electric Arc Furnace route steel making facility comprising of four hundred ton TPD Rotary Sponge Iron Kilns, Electric Arc Furnaces, Ladle furnaces, Rolling Mills and a 30 MW waste heat/coal based captive Power Plant. The first phase of the plant, comprising two units of hundred TPD rotary sponge iron kilns, was commissioned in March 2014. Care has been taken to keep the plant eco-friendly, green and pollution free. Around 12,000 saplings of different varieties of plants have been planted in the premises till date. As Dharwad is a rain starved region, a rain harvesting pond of around 22000 cubic meters has been made for conservation of water. The state-of-the-art plant, equipped with latest pollution control systems, works on emissions far below the limits prescribed by Karnataka Pollution Control Board.It is a zero waste plant. Raw materials for the plant are iron ore pellets/calibrated iron ore, imported steam coal of South African origin and dolomite. Currently, indigenous iron ore pellets and imported coal are being used as raw material. The product is well accepted in the market. Currently, most of the mini steel plants are the customers. Recently ISMT Pune (Indian Seamless Metal Tubes) has ordered on trial basis 1000 MTs of sponge iron. Happy with the product, the company will continue to be our long term customer. The coal char and dolo-char by-products are sold to local cement manufacturers. The waste dust is sold to local brick manufacturers. In near future, the char and dolo-char will be consumed in the captive power plant.
Wind EnergyWind Energy At VMSB, our Triple Bottom Line approach has ensured that our balance sheets incorporate social and environmental returns along with profit margins. Our diversification into wind power projects is a result of VMSB’s green-oriented business practices. Initially undertaken as a CSR project, this venture was recently commercialised. Wind power has tremendous potential as a viable form of renewable energy. Electricity is generated through the wind-driven movement of electricity-generating windmills, Wind Turbine Generators (WTG). Based on the results of ground research and analysis conducted by VMSB’s ‘Windmill Team’, our Company established 16 Wind Turbine Generators (WTGs) around Karnataka and Maharashtra; Goa’s insufficient wind density and the lack of wind-generation policy did not make the state viable for the project. The power generated by the WTGs is supplied to the respective states. We have successfully registered its 20.80 MW Windmill Power Project with the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change), enabling it to earn carbon credit benefits. Approved by the organisation for Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) bene?ts, VMSB is eligible to earn Certified Emission Reductions (CER). CER is issued as a carbon credit for not releasing equivalent amount of carbon into the atmosphere, which would have been released by other conventional thermal power plants. Our cumulative approximate CER per annum works out to be 31868T. This endeavour has also positively impacted employment, led to efficient utilisation of barren land and also proved beneficial for the nearby villages.
V.M.Salgaocar - Tumkur Iron Ore MineV. M. Salgaocar Sales International is a partnership firm trading in iron ore to meet the export targets of the group.
Goa Minerals Pvt. Ltd. undertakes contracts from other mining organizations for extraction and processing of iron ore fines and also for road and river transportation. It is in the process of setting up a steel plant.
Tumkur Minerals Pvt. Ltd. has its mining operations and exports iron ore from Karnataka.